And, according to her former record producer Dante Ross, she still makes music, but whether or not it will see the light of day is uncertain. Sometimes I would take the mudcloth and be like, Oooh T.C., I wanna dye this burgundy! But walking around with her face is really something interesting, because wherever I go, I have instances whether its [Georgia gubernatorial candidate] Stacey Abrams; Marilyn Mosby up in Baltimore, the states attorneythese people come to me and say they went into politics because of Maxine Shaw partly. John Henton at an interview for the "Living Single" 25th Anniversary Special, July 2018 | Source: Getty Images. AmoMama creates engaging, meaningful content for women. Its so funny how I see people in the mirrorI never looked. Delaney is 18 years his junior, and, since the comedian has not spoken about his relationship with her in recent times, they are very likely to have split already. However, after that, there is little known about Jackson or what he's been up to, personally or professionally. Since its sudden cancellation in 1998, the Living Single cast has gone on to lead some impressive careers, which we will take a deeper look at here, starting with hip-hops First Lady.. Lee Bowser: I developed a rapport with one of the development executives at Warner Bros., a guy named David Janollari, whos still a dear friend. My father was an itinerant preacher, my mother was a teacher. In the '90s, Fox TV series "Living Single" went from being an underdog to becoming one of the most-watched sitcoms of that . That was one of the things Queen Latifah said: Can you grow a beard? So it really helped to push the boundaries of the walls of his character. Its very rewarding, in particular, working with Justin Simien on Dear White People. That or hair and makeup. It had its own tone, Lee Bowser said. Ceci: The Maxine Shaw character, shes a boss. John Henton headlining at The Stress Factory Comedy Club, January 2011 | Source: Getty Images. including Kim, Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, John Henton, and T.C. He has also done a lot more live theater in the past few years where his acting career originally began most recently in the traveling production of "War Words.". Oh, that would be faaahbulous.. Kim Coles has been keeping busy via social media and touring the country alongside her onscreen boo, John Henton, no disrespect to Ms. Coles hubby. And Im like, Im for that, but Im not gonna diss men. Cress Williams, Terrence Scooter Williams: I distinctly remember that the rapper Young MC was in the waiting room auditioning. Besides, who could ever replace the talent above? That the couples have become avatars of #BlackLove in the digital age isnt surprising, but none of the actors anticipated that their fictional love stories would resonate so many years beyond the shows run. Thats how I got into the fold. Fields: A great deal of [Regines] drive is her past. Its a transcending chemistry. In true sitcom fashion, the two do officially become a couple by the end of the series after several false starts and apparent dead ends. To take Max out of the show is to take me out of the show, and Id rather not do it. She Doesn't Have a Spouse but Was in a Relationship with Andrei Nikolajevic, Does Jack Dylan Grazer Have a Disability? See our privacy policy. I dont like shopping, I dont like trying on clothesand especially back then, I was not into couture and fashion, all that. On his way out, a limo driver offered to take him home, but Henton refused the kind gesture and got into his Acura NSX. And that was sort of the impetus of the idea: We wanna do a show with a bunch of women, how they feel about men. A year later, the actor was able to joke about it in a stand-up comedy show. The other big name was KimFields, already a television veteran at 24 years old, as she had previously been a main cast member for all nine seasons of "The Facts of Life." Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). where she uses her own personal struggles and triumphs to help enrich readers' lives. Outside of notable guest appearances on fellow Netflix original series Cobra Kai and the aforementioned HBO comedy Insecure, Fields has done, and still does, a lot of work from behind the camera directing such series as Nickelodeons Kenan & Kel, Tyler Perrys Meet the Browns and House of Payne, and the upcoming Urbanflix TV drama Vicious, which is currently filming. And T.C., I didn't know well but I had seen his movie, Livin Large. The stuff that we did in between takes would be funnier than anything we could put on [camera] or, like, sometimes somebody would hit the line so hard that the audience would just clap and laugh so long that we couldnt even use that take. Photo: Leon Bennett / Stringer (Getty Images) . More recently, she has seemingly rediscovered her love of acting: she is currently a main cast member of the Netflix series "The Upshaws," with the show's second season currently in the works. Twenty-five years later, The Atlantic caught up with some of the shows cast and crew members to talk about how they did it and why that still matters. Carson is what most people will never experience, hes my comedic partner. was probably the most influential in his style, and Ceci was open to it. I worked so much with Steve Harvey, so I had a little bit of a Steve Harvey flair. A childhood friend of Khadijah's (Queen Latifah), Scooter shows up in her life again when his music producer career and her journalist job bring them into each other's orbits. Well, do you know what it costs to live in New York? Tripp was part of a storyline during that season with another new character named Roni DeSantos (played by Idalis DeLeon), a DJ who had a history with Tripp. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. He sustained life-changing injuries, unfortunately. They were both orphans. I think people know that now, but at the time she was a rock star. It's always fun when real life relatives play fictional relatives in a movie or on a TV show, and that very thing happened on "Living Single." And she said, I dont know. Playing Regine Hunter on Living Single saw the resurgence of Kim Fields sitcom stardom just five years after her stint as Dorothy Tootie Ramsey on The Facts of Life ended in 1988. I think thats the thing that people see in the show. 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We dont get to show that blackness is really more than a color and that we are in every facet of society and every facet of life, and so what was great about that show was that you saw such a variety. He still tours as a stand-up comedian and has hit the road with his onscreen boo, Kim Fields. What is the net worth of Kim Coles? She is currently star and an executive producer of the series "The Equalizer," which is wrapping up its second season. Synclaire was the show's token quirky character, showcased by things like her oh-so-'90s affinity for Troll dolls, the way she talks to her plants, and her relentlessly upbeat attitude. The actresses starred on the hitFox sitcom Living Singleduring its five-season run. Overton was the maintenance man for the building that the majority of the show took place in the only other regular location on the show being the offices of the fictional magazine "Flavor." And my first thought was, Well, who put that combo together? We were kind of dealing with intersectionality and code-switching and micro-aggressions and mansplaining before we had terms for all of these aspects, Lee Bowser said with a laugh. The cast continues to be close as stated by Kim Coles in an interview with. And so, I justmaybe thats the name of my next book, Women You Will Love. Not be tight and not be pious about what were doingjust really have fun, and project that, and to be our truest selves, she continued. After "Living Single" ended, Henton would immediately move on to the main cast of another successful sitcom, "The Hughleys." I love them, and so I think that was the germ of the idea. The closest that "Living Single" came to the wacky neighbor trope was through Overton, played by John Henton. It was a very tough way to go; I was born in the mountains of Arizona. Queen Latifah, Erika Alexander, Kim Fields, Kim Coles, John Henton, and Mel Jackson in Living Single (1993) Expect the unexpected from us. It was pretty busy because I just recently, like two years earlier, I just got an agent, so this is like my second pilot season. It was there from inception. Regine was a great character if you loved clothes. Much of the backbone of "Living Single" was fictional magazine "Flavor," which employed multiple characters on the show both main and recurring. Kyle as his mentor and Khadijah as Synclaires mentor, and Khadijah ultimately learning to put work aside and open up herself to love, and Max also learning to take off some of her armor and not be afraid to be effeminate and also be vulnerable. Making a splash: A deep dive into the live-action. "It's not there yet . [The undercut] was me growing out a style, from again, going to extremes. Please fill in your e-mail so we can share with you our top stories! "[The highlights have been] working with people like Kim Coles, Kim Fields, Erika [Alexander] and doingThe Equalizer right now," the actress shared with ET. . I started work at [the age of] five, knocking on peoples doors, asking to take out trash, sweep the porch. Each character of Lee Bowsers creating took on a new life in the hands of the cast. Free shipping for many products! Photo by Warner Bros. Television. It starred Alexander, Queen Latifah, Kim Coles, Kim Fields, Terrence C. Carson and John Henton, and became an instant hit. I was very much involved in the creation of this character. Now this one, this looks too sloppy. It was really powerful, and I think it still stands today," Kim Coles said in an interview with Entertainment . After his set on the late-night talk show, Henton's career took off. Her "Living Single" character was Max, the only of the core six characters to not live in one of the two apartments that the others all live in for much of the series. Overton was also the show's token "small town character living in the big city," always ready to dispense some goofy homespun adage with the purest of intentions. Despite that, viewers saw plenty of Max, a lawyer who was frequently around to raid the fridge and to give Kyle a hard time. My hairstyle was made out of knitting yarn. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. And I love Brooklyn, so I wanted to at least pretend that I was there, the California-bred showrunner said with a laugh. Three of the women were roommates: Khadijah James (Latifah), the fearless editor of a black magazine called Flavor; Khadijahs bubbly cousin and assistant, Synclaire James (Coles), and a spunky, projects-raised boutique saleswoman named Regine Hunter (Kim Fields). What theyre watching is very delicate, and again, it has nothing to do with even the words on paper. I thought I was going to be intimidated. Thats my recurring theme. Not too many fans knew that the two were a couple in real life for a time. So I think it really set a beautiful tone to start a career as an African American. Now, you know, later on in my career, I was playing dudes with guns and killers and this and that, but it was great not to start that way and I think it set the tone so that I just didnt stay in that lane. And so I came up with the idea of moving her across the street, because she originally lived with the ladies. She was a rap star, but that falls under it. I admired, of course, Latifah because she was the queen and I had come from New York and appreciated her being so strong and effective in her rap and, more importantly, kind of representing the tomboy part of who I thought I was. Yvette Lee Bowser, creator and executive producer: I was a very frustrated writer on a show about black people where there were basically no black people in power behind the scenes, so that set the tone. We became family instantly and not for the sake of, Well yeah, we better be close because we makin a TV show. The veteran actor and musician also served as a consultant on the series, a job that she also did on the shows "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper," "Me and the Boys," "Arsenio," "Zenon:Girl of the 21st Century," and "The Parkers.". But she is. We collect and tell stories of people from all around the world. Coleswas especially pleased to honor her friend and former co-star,Queen Latifah, who received theTelevision Icon Award for her decades-long work on the small screen. We were all invested in the people we were doing, and so we werent just saying lines. Luckily, we sat down with a couple stars of the show Kim Coles "Synclaire", TC Carso n "Kyle" and John Henton "Overton" to talk about where their characters would be in 2017 (You know it was a hilarious . And quite frankly, I found lots of people by sitting in earlier over the years. This is not a good tie. And so I learned from [when I was] a young child how to pick out ties, and shirts, and suits. Synclaire (Kim Coles) hasn't had a date in months, then a veterinarian (Thomas Mikal Ford) asks her out, and suddenly she has a social calendar along with another dogged admirer. Being the actor who played Khadijah's love interest (a notable music producer), Cress Williams is also well known for his participation in the era-defining Beverly Hills, 90210 as D'Shawn Hadell. When the show came to an end after five years, Henton was proud and pleased . Carson performed on stage in musicals like The Wiz and Dreamgirls. The minute I would put on her clothes, I had my hairstyle, theyd give me a little makeupI knew what to do. Amongst the old gang, John Henton is the least active on social media but that doesnt mean hes sitting idle. And his Africanness, I dont think they were looking for that, but I thought it was really important to show how someone could be on Wall Street but still connected to their heritage and still infuse how they lived and dressed with their heritage and still make it work in todays world. And an honesty to a fault, because they were honest with each other, and yet the passion and the lust was there. You are an inspiration to me, would love to meet you one day! To know that I had a hand in giving my people something that was positive and that represented them in the best possible light really makes me feel good, and thats what I wanted to do. But it didnt feel nasty. It was during her time on "Living Single" that Fields was first bit by the directing bug, helming two episodes of the series. Since playing Max on Living Single (her most famous TV role outside of playing Pam Tucker on the finale two seasons of The Cosby Show), Erika Alexander has gone on to lead a very eclectic career, appearing in some of the most popular hit movies and TV shows in recent memory. Search for John Henton and Kim photos and over 100 million other current images and stock photos at IMAGO. WorldWide Entertainment TV is former Tupac Shakur Center For The Arts Media Outlet in Atlanta. Kim was really boring, making a big deal about not wanting to be away from her children during one of the RHOA trips. Henton has revealed his personal feelings about "Living Single," and another Warner Bros sitcom, "Friends." The difference was that Warner Brother spent a lot more money promoting and marketing "Friends" than they ever did on "Living Single" Ironically, Kim Fields played the bougie Regine Hunter on the show, while John Henton portrayed the lovable Overton. That brownstone held love, loss, and laughter; the cast radiated an electric chemistry. Kim Coles was previously married to Reggie Mckiver (2015 - 2019) and Aton Edwards (1985 - 1995). Its about chemistry and its about luck. Kim Coles. The Ohio native's journey into comedy began in 1991 after he won the "Johnny Walker National Comedy Search.". Director: Jay Roach | Stars: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Mimi Rogers. Queen Latifah, Erika Alexander, Kim Fields, Kim Coles, John Henton, and Mel Jackson in Living Single (1993) Ceci: [Carson] made my job easier because a lot of guys wouldnt put on what I would put on him. I wasnt tall, and I was chesty as they would say, and I was like, Well, what are we gonna do for me? Henton underwent face reconstruction surgery. In an interview, Henton recalls his publicist providing plastic surgeons with pictures of himself before they could operate. Henton broke nine teeth, destroyed his left eye socket, shattered both legs, ripped his stomach, and deformed his face in the crash. I just never knew in the moment that the show was gonna be an iconic show, and these characters that I was dressing, those were iconic looks, Ceci said after recounting recent experiences in which people have informed her that there are now entire webpages dedicated to replicating the characters styles. That was the impetus for me becoming more determined to create something so that I could create what I felt were more well-rounded depictions of us, as well as creating a workplace that was not necessarily warm and fuzzy, but more open to us, a workplace that embraced us. T.C. So I went from talent to more of a producer, being able to create, making movies like Beauty Shop. And by us I mean women and people of color. So I got a call arranged with [Lee Bowser], and she liked my idea very much, and she said, The only thing is, Im working on a new project. After extensive reconstructive plastic surgery, he continued his work on The Hughleys. Khadijah helmed her own magazine, but still lived with roommates (and sometimes struggled to cover the costs of running her publication). It was fun and it was easy. For me, it began with the realization that if this industry was really only going to cater to and embrace white people, and white men in particular, and have them in positions of power behind the scenes, Lee Bowser said when we spoke earlier this summer, I wasn't gonna be here for long. Lee Bowser: What do people take away [from Living Single]? An hour-long special that reunited the show's cast members (Kim Coles, Kim Fields, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, Erika Alexander and John Henton) as they share their memories of the show, and provide behind the scenes tidbits. John Henton on January 6, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images. So I'm gonna stay in a state of yes, it will happen one day. And so they said they really wanted to try to get somebody who was a bit of a veteran, if you will, to kinda anchor things. Lee Bowser: I was involved in more casting than I should have been. The "Living Single" star recounts being on a break for the first time in a while before getting into the car accident. So to work with someone who was so known and so proficient at what she did, so excellentactually, to be honest, I was a little intimidated because I thought, Shes Queen Latifah. List slides. And so if I shop with adjectives in my mind, then that sort of cements the notion that there wont be cross-pollination. As for the Icon herself, Queen Latifah noted her time on Living Singleas one of the highlights of her long-standing career. Post-Living Single, the actor starred on ABC's The Hughleys with D.L. But we never went away. After five years of playing Maxine on Living Single, the actress continued to work on TV, appearing as a recurring character on Judging Amy and making guest appearances onHouse, Grey's Anatomy, and Queen Sugar. Living Single (1993-1998) was always labeled a 'black show,' so why. Check out Real Reality Gossip video below. Not bad for my first show., John Henton, Terrence C. Carson, Kim Fields and Kim Coles at a special taping for "Living Single" 25th Anniversary Special, July 2018 | Source: Getty Images. After his set on the late-night talk show,. Im a Girls High graduate, and obviously a lot of my mentors, whether I met them or not, including Hillary Clinton, were the type of people I was naturally attracted to. I was so young and so nave and so eager, that I just took my role in the casting process to the next level. Ceci: What I liked about [Khadijah] was she was still like, keepin it real. AmoMama creates engaging, meaningful content for women. The other main facet of Kyle's character was the constant mutual ribbing between him and Max, with the two pretending to hate each other on the surface but with clear sexual tension bubbling just beneath the surface. Those were all things that were, again, very structured. Lee Bowser noted that some of the inspiration, once again, came from her own life: Im married to the guy that is the inspiration for Kyle. After Living Single was canceled, Fields took on directing and has worked on a few of Tyler Perry's movies and BET's Let's Stay Together. Fields: I met with the producers and network, and they were like, Yep, next! Queen Latifah, Erika Alexander, Kim Fields, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, Kim Coles, and John Henton in Living Single (1993) By Oyin Balogun. I said, Look, you know, I pray for you to get a show in the future, but this one right here? How to Watch King Charles' Coronation Live in the U.S. And he was definitely very accessorized and very debonair, very dapper with every look, said Ceci, the costume designer who did the Living Single casts wardrobe from Seasons 2 through 5. She first directed an episode of "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper," then spent a few more years directing an episode here and there of a few different shows. She has largely given up acting, however, with only four credits since the end of "Living Single" and none since 2007. was still new to the game, he had just done a movie. They came to me and they had the idea to do a buddy comedy, basically. The sitcom was originally piloted on ABC but moved to UPN, where it gathered over 5.8 million viewers for the debut. always brought his own brand of T.C.-ness. Before "Living Single," John Henton was a stand-up comedian who got mainstream exposure after his first appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1991. Kim Coles character would be renamed Synclaire James-Jones after marrying Obie, who was played by John Henton - a Cleveland-based comedian whose big break came with a The Tonight Show performance which earned host Johnny Carsons approval, leading to a second appearance on the show and his own stand-up special on Showtime in 1993. Throughout the 2000s and 2010s it would be much the same, with Fields mostly just dabbling in acting while focusing most of her attention on directing. The actress went on to make appearances on shows like Frasier, Six Feet Under, and My Wife and Kids, and she had a recurring role on The Geena Davis Show in 2000 as Judy Owens. In 2000, he was involved in a serious car accident that broke both of his legs and nine teeth, and shattered one of his eye sockets. Life is short, and as an actress, theres only so many beats you have. With Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, John Henton. ET spokewith the comedian on Saturday attheGrio Awards'first-ever ceremony and gala at the Beverly Hilton, where she was among many of the night's stars honoring Norman Lear, Tyler Perry,Patti LaBelle and more. Evil. Fields' character on "Living Single" was Regina, a self-absorbed lover of gossip and drama who would go on to be a make-up artist for a fictional soap opera as well as a wedding planner. Honor, of some type. That was a lot of fun! The actresses starred on the hit Fox sitcom Living Single during its five-season run. Kim Fields grew up under the spotlight: Her mother, Chip Fields, was a singer, actress, and TV director. And she put in these new things she had created, literally just created, called Nu-Locs. Before playing the role of a successful magazine founder in NYC, Queen Latifah was known for her musical talent. I spent a lot of time with her and she's a person who is very aware of her power and was very, very early. I kind of just stomped around and made it part of it. Carson, and John Henton, the series followed the personal and professional lives of six friends who resided in a Brooklyn brownstone were chronicled. Maxine was a high-powered lawyer who had no qualms about sharing her resources with her girls, but even she sometimes fell victim to the unstable returns of corporate life. Okay. My father used to take me as a little girl in elementary school to this lil tiny lil hole in the wall place downtown, California Tie Shop. In the early-'90s, Kim Coles found success as part of the original cast of the sketch comedy series In Living Color. T.C. As of 2022, Kim Coles has a $3 million net worth. She lived through her realities, dealt with them, and she still was able to get her fairytale. Lee Bowser was strategic about crafting characters and conflicts that represented the vastness within the experiences of young black people. But a lot of her work has been. Living Single: The Reunion Show: Directed by Jay Silverman. We grew up together and towards each other, so it all worked out. And certainly, the deepness of the characters was definitely informed by all the other actors who were subsequently cast in the showyou know, Kim Fields and Erika Alexander. Born Dana Elaine Owens in New Jersey in 1970, Queen Latifahs groundbreaking emergence into the rap music scene in the late 1980s paved the way for her to be cast on Living Single, which would lead to a very successful movie career, including her Oscar-nominated role in Chicago from 2002. [Maxine and Kyle] were horrified by it. I would show up early for rehearsal, and thats all I can speak to. Offers may be subject to change without notice. DNT ANSWER CUS DAT`S PERSONAL JUS ASKIN ? Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Living Single. to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Im like, Im an old-school cat, and I said, In the immortal words of Morris Day, Aint nothing like a fresh pair of baggies. And thats what I loved about the 90s, is the cut of the jeans, the cut of the pants. She was the Vogue of all the girls, she was the fashion plate. John Henton, Overton in the show, booked the role of Milsap Morris in The Hughleys which aired from 1998 to 2002. The Views Sunny Hostin Shares Her Thoughts On Don Lemons Firing: It Doesn't Make Sense. One such character was Russell Montag, a music editor for "Flavor" who had sporadic appearances throughout the show's second through fifth seasons. Were still discovering who we are.
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